UNCDF-Digital Finance for Energy Access in Uganda

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  • Tue, 02/04/2020 - 19:41

UNCDF has released a PayGo study report; digital finance for energy access in Uganda. The study leverages anonymized mobile money data of PayGo solar energy users in Uganda to gain insight on digital energy financing in Uganda. It also draws from a customer phone survey that assesses solar product adoption and quality of life improvements. Uganda's solar market is growing rapidly and currently has around one million active customers.12% of the Ugandan households own a solar home system and there is the opportunity for further market expansion, especially in areas with high levels of mobile money penetration.While there's no indication that solar home systems directly contribute to poverty reduction,customers reported various positive impacts on the household’s quality of life, including a reduction in the use of traditional fuels (57% of customers), increased savings (26%), improved health (24%),and increased study hours for children (10%). 
This working paper is part of a wider UNCDF partnership with the Uganda Solar Energy Association (USEA)

Fine more in the link below.


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