USEA Members and consultants from World Bank during the meeting held at Fairway Hotel.

World Bank Meets Solar for Productive Use Companies

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  • Wed, 10/23/2019 - 12:40

On the 10th/10/19, the World Bank convened a focus group meeting for USEA Members dealing in solar for productive use to discuss a new world bank facility that will benefit these companies. Participants shared the challenges faced by solar companies in marketing and distribution of their products.  Key among the issues identified was the difficulty in convincing commercial banks to finance products, and lack of awareness by markets who usually ask for free demos that are costly.

The meeting held at Fairway Hotel drew participants from: USEA, Aptech Africa Limited, SoloGrid Uganda, Ultratech Uganda Limited, Energy Systems Limited and W.Waterworks Uganda Limited. Others were New Sun Limited and Power Trust Uganda Limited.

The World Bank agreed to share a feedback report by December 2019.

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