Capacity Building and Aadvocacy

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Linkages and Networking

USEA provides a platform for member companies to connect with like-minded business institutions, individuals and funding/investment partners on a national, regional and global scale, to share knowledge, skills, expertise, challenges and ideas on how to grow their businesses and the solar industry at large.

Usea Supporting traning

Support Training

Utilise business linkages,networks,partnerships, and collaborations to facilitate and encourage synergies between various activities e.g.programmes,projects and initiatives in the sector.

offering training to usea members

Participate in organising regional and international meetings and networking opportunities for the sector.

undertaking research for purposes

Create forums through which member can have discussion,share information,ideas and startegies for promoting the solar sector and businesses.

Identifying opportunities for usea members

Mobilise members to undertake joint Rural and urban Electrification programmes.

undertaking lobbying and Advocacy

Link government and the solar private players through representation on various forums and steering committees.

usea conducts research,development and technology

Mobilise members to undertake joint rural and urban Electrification programmes.

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