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Who We Are

Uganda Solar Energy Association is an independent non-profit Association dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of solar energy business in Uganda and East African region.

USEA was formed in 2016 by private sector companies that deal in solar energy business with help from Private Sector Foundation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development,Rural Electrification Agency.It is registered under section 10 of the societies act.

USEA was formed to act as a channel for development of the solar energy sector, improvement of solar energy standards and, attracting new entrants to the solar energy sub sector in Uganda.

Our key role; promote the interests of members of the solar energy sub sector among government, public sector, the general public and any other organizations that may impact on the development of the solar energy sub sector,and the creation of a forum for the dissemination, exchange of information and ideas on matters relating to solar energy development locally and internationally.

Our Key Objectives

  • Promote Relevance
  • Promote the use of Solar Energy
  • Networking
  • Self Regulation
  • Information Hub
  • Capacity Building

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