Capacity Building and Aadvocacy

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Self Regulation

The Association creates and promotes a self -regulating environment which facilitates the offering of high-quality solar energy solutions and services to customers.

Usea Supporting traning

Supportive Training

Sensitize members to adhere to the Association's Code of Conduct regarding quality systems,appropriate system design,sizing, installation and sfter sales services to end users.

offering training to usea members

Source for Data and Information

Provide and share data and information in the solar industry for planning and policy direction.

undertaking research for purposes

Government and Development Partners

We Work with Government,development partners and other stakeholders in supporting and implementation of the government programmes.

Identifying opportunities for usea members

Provide Solar Solutions and Services

We assist government in vetting credible list of company to provide solar solutions and services to the public.

undertaking lobbying and Advocacy

Provide Finacial Support

We Obtain finacial support in form of guarantee funds for group loans from government and other programmes.

usea conducts research,development and technology

Mobilse members to join Rural & Urban Electrification

We mobilise our members to undertake joint rural and urban Electrification programmes.

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