ZEMBO Launches Zero Emission Electric Motorcycle

Partnerships key to achieving universal energy access in Uganda
March 16, 2022

Last month, Zembo, a member of USEA launched a zero emission electric motorcycle to be used by boda boda riders in Uganda. This was at their offices along Mutesa 2 road in Ntinda, Kampala. The commercial boda that uses solar powered batteries will greatly contribute to ensuring a clean environment for Uganda.
Daniel Dreher and Etienne Saint-Sernin, co- founders of the pollution free motor bike came up with the idea 5 years ago, seeing how much smoke was emitted by boda,bodas, a common means of transport in Uganda. According to them, Uganda has a huge market with about 70,000 boda boda riders which makes it a good place to pilot the motor bike as a more sustainable way to preserve the environment.
Six types of electric motorcycles were tested to verify /identify the best one for the Ugandan market and Zembo partnered with safe boda to use their riders to test the bike for a period of one year covering 40,000km.
“We are very proud to be associated with Zembo and happy to see the long journey come to fruition”, said Joyce Nkuyahaga, the USEA CEO. She further pledged to support them and hoped that they would continue working in Uganda for a long time.

USEA Participates in the Unlocking Solar Capital Conference
On the 16th-17th October 2019, some members of USEA (Solar Today (U) Ltd, Power Trust (U) Ltd) and the USEA CEO Ms.Joyce Nkuyahaga, attended the Unlocking Solar Capital conference that took place on the 16th -17th October, 2019 in Dakar, Senegal. The conference discussed the latest industry trends, market developments and cutting edge innovations. The discussions focused on both on and off grid solar. Key issues of concern in the on-grid track were scaling up finance and setting the right regulatory framework.

The off grid track discussed financing mechanisms available for early stage companies, funding productive use technologies and how a company can pave its path to profitability. See the link below for more details.

World Bank Meets Solar for Productive Use Companies
On the 10th/10/19, the World Bank convened a focus group meeting for USEA Members dealing in solar for productive use to discuss a new world bank facility that will benefit these companies. Participants shared the challenges faced by solar companies in marketing and distribution of their products.  Key among the issues identified was the difficulty in convincing commercial banks to finance products, and lack of awareness by markets who usually ask for free demos that are costly.
The meeting held at Fairway Hotel drew participants from: USEA, Aptech Africa Limited, SoloGrid Uganda, Ultratech Uganda Limited, Energy Systems Limited and W.Waterworks Uganda Limited. Others were New Sun Limited and Power Trust Uganda Limited.
The World Bank agreed to share a feedback report by December 2019.

USEA Holds Third AGM
Uganda Solar Energy Association last Friday held its 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) as the organisation celebrates its growth and rapid development of the solar sector.  Several USEA members turned up for the event held at Skyz Hotel, in Kampala.
Members discussed the current progress USEA has registered over the previous years, but also used the same event to approve the appointment of the auditor for the year 2019, Tax processing fees, collection of information from members to inform the sector, establishment of working groups, 2019 budget and legal service provider. Members expressed happiness over the services USEA offers so far and pledged to support the secretariat to push the sector’s further development.

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