What we do

Mobilization and creating awareness

  • Mobilize solar energy stakeholders to join the association and enjoy the benefits of the association
  • Promote and create awareness on solar energy technologies, solutions and usefulness to various groups of stakeholders
  • Provide information on solar energy markets, market actors and technologies

Capacity building and advocacy

  • Support training, capacity building and certification activities in the renewable energy filed and accreditation of renewable energy product and service providers
  • Offer training and capacity to member to be able to cope with changing technology and emerging markets
  • Undertake research for purposes of information advocacy and lobbying activities and to collect information on renewable energy products and markets
  • Identify opportunities for members to obtain financing loans and security bids for large projects
  • Undertake lobbying and advocacy in order to improve the business environment of the sector
  • Conduct research, development and technology transfer to the country on renewable energy application

Linkages and Networking

  • Utilize business linkages, networks, partnerships and collaborations to facilitate and encourage synergies between various activities eg programmes, projects and initiative in the sector
  • Participate in organizing regional  and international meetings and networking opportunities for the sector
  • Create forums through which member can have discussion, share information, ideas and strategies for promoting the sector and business
  • Mobilise members to undertake joint rural and urban electrification programmes
  • Link government and the solar private players through representation on various forums and steering committees
  • Mobilise members to undertake joint rural and urban electrification programmes

Self-Regulation & support to government

  • Sensitize members to adhere to the Association’s code of conduct regarding quality systems, appropriate system design, sizing, installation and after sales services to end users
  • Provide and share data and information in the solar industry for planning and policy direction
  • Work with government, development partners, and other stakeholders in supporting and implementing of government programmes
  • Assist government in vetting credible list of company to provide solar solutions and services to the public
  • Obtain financial support in form of guarantee funds for group loans from government and other programmes